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In Ghana, thousands of children and adults have disabling hearing loss. This inhibits their ability to obtain an adequate education, leads to social and emotional isolation, and limits their employment opportunities. During our last visit we found a 15 yr old boy with severe hearing loss who was still in the 2nd grade! Some with hearing loss could function normally with hearing aids while others could be cured with a surgical procedure not previously available in their region.

In 2016 a generous donation allowed the purchase of a surgical microscope for the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital. Through this gift, we have been teaching Dr. Appiah-Thompson how to perform tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy to repair the ear drum and rebuild the middle ear bones when necessary.

Our current needs to reduce hearing loss in Ghana are listed below:

  • Tympanometer

  • Usable hearing aids

  • Funds for hearing aids

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